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During last year's Python Month, it was so overwhelming to keep track of
workshops. The colleges call us and ask to reschedule the workshop,
sometimes we need to follow up with the college to make sure they are with
the schedule and we never got time to follow up what happened after the

At that point, I've decided to build a software to automate most of these
interactions. I've been moonlighting on it since a month or so and finally
I have something to show. It is not complete, not ready for production use,
but none the less you can review and let me know your feedback.

Python Month will no longer be a suitable name for it as we are planning to
continue running it through out the year, not just for one month. I've
decided to call it Python Express and the demo website is live at:


There is lot more to do. I need help in writing the code, making the site
look better, making sure the text reads well, people to administer the
site, follow up the workshops and finally people to conduct the workshops.

Do let me know if you have any interest in helping out.

The code is on github.


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