[Inpycon] Lightning Talks @ Pycon India

Shrayas rajagopal shrayasr at gmail.com
Tue Sep 9 08:50:48 CEST 2014

> Shrayas, most people attending Pycon already *are* on the Funnel platform
since theyve either submitted proposals or voted on them. That's why I felt
it made sense to go with this.
> Arvi

​Fair enough. But then the funnel should be ready to take up something like
this, no? Definitely using the funnel is a better thing to do than doing it
with the likes of trello.​

> online + offline is good. But we need to ensure that both are in sync at
> all times. How are we going to do that ? How about at the common area,
> we have a kiosk setup for inputs, and a display showing the current
> submissions and votes ?
> - rejy (rmc)

I was thinking of something similar as well. We need to have volunteers who
will be able to update the schedule for the open spaces/lightning talks on
the shared Google Calendar based on the activities on the sticky board and
funnel. That would be good.

Also, we need to come up with some format for the sticky board. Is it a
place for me just to say I'm interested in a topic? How does voting work if
someone wants to use the Audi3?
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