[Inpycon] Open spaces & Lightning Talks

Shrayas rajagopal shrayasr at gmail.com
Wed Sep 10 11:33:21 CEST 2014

> Each platinum/glod sponsor's get 1 hour slot to show case about there
technologies, internal architecture of products( which is one big factor
for sponsor to come this year).
​In all, there are 5 sponsors, platinum + gold, VIZ 5 hrs. Is this on both
days or only on one? ​

>> Last year, we'd used Audi 3 for some open space discussions. Was that
with permission of the sponsor?  If that was the case, can we get speak to
them about using Audi 3 for half a day on both days?  That would permit
collaboration of the community in the open space on the other half.
Shrayas/Jaseem - chime in if this would work for you.
>> -A

​This definitely makes sense Arvi, Audi 3 is really spacious and would be a
great place for the discussed AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions there. Like
you said if we could get it for half a day on both days, that will be great
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