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Just wanted to start this  again

Will  PyCon India move to new venue next year  ?
Dehli, Kolkata , Mumbai, Chennai, Pune or other ?

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> Hello everyone,
> Every year at AGM (Annual General body Meeting) of PSSI we decide where to
> host PyCon India for next year. Every time, we see lot of people raising
> their hands to run PyCon India in their city.
> Interested  Individual/Group  who want to take the lead next year should
> do some homework before AGM and convince the community that they can run
> the conference effectively.
> Interested?
> Here is what you can do now.
> * Call for a meeting in your city, preferably in the python usergroup
> mailing list and discuss with everyone.
> * PyCon India requires a venue of 1000+ capacity. Find out what venues are
> available in your city and how much it costs. (This year we are paying
> close to 2L/day for NIMHANS).
> * PyCon India requires a lot of sponsorships to meet the expenditure.
> Major part of the sponsorships usually comes from the hosting city.
> * PyCon India gets better every year. We would like that to continue even
> after it moves to a different city. You should get involved in running the
> event this year and understand better.
> Any comments?
> Thanks
> Vijay

Vijay kumar Bang
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