[Inpycon] Feedback and improvement suggestion

Arvi Krishnaswamy arvi at alumni.iastate.edu
Tue Sep 30 19:04:12 CEST 2014

​On the first day, the mics in the smaller auditorium were bad throughout
the first half. At one point during Q&A, the volunteer had to run back and
forth between the speaker and the audience since there was only one working
mic. And that was a hand held mic, which made it hard for the speaker to do
a code walkthrough which had been planned.

For next year, it would be ideal if we can figure out how to sort out the
mic situation before the start of the conference. AFAIK, things were fine
from the second half of day1 and all of day 2, so I'm not exactly sure what
the technical issue was.
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