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> On Sat, Apr 18 2015, vijay kumar wrote:
> > Any more suggestion before i start approaching suggested keynote
> speakers.
> I think if we're flying someone down, we should consider some people who
> are more well known.  I don't want to be misconstrued as being against
> Senthil but when you consider that it will cost us the same amount of
> money to get him or (say) Alex Gaynor, the latter is who I would vote
> for.
+1. This makes sense.

> Hilary Mason is a good choice. I've contacted her a few times for
> earlier events but she's always been busy. In fact, I think last year
> was the first year during which I *didn't* contact her. :)
> Jessica is a good choice and it would be a good idea, if we decide to
> invite her, to do it as early as possible so that there are no
> unexpected problems like last year.
> I've never heard Lynn speak but I follow her blogs and twitter and am
> in favour of inviting her.
> There are a few others that come to mind.
> 1. Audrey Roy Greenfeld [1] - She's the co author of the recent Two
>    Scoops book. Her contributions are really widespread. Community work,
>    tech contributions, documentation, the book. And finally, she's got
>    quite a few interests outside of tech. which, in my experience, makes a
>    speaker much more interesting.  I've been in touch with her and Danny
>    for a while and think that she'd make an ideal keynote speaker.
> 2. Armin Ronacher [2] - We invited him once before but he couldn't make
>    it for personal reasons. I think that was the year Kenneth Reitz came
>    down. He'd definitely be a good speaker and his work is well known in
>    India where much of Python work is web related.
> 3. Alex Gaynor [3] - We've never had anyone speaking from the PyPy
>    team. Also, like Anand Pillai once said, people like Alex and Armin
>    are a newer generation of Python programmers and offer new
>    perspectives that the old timers might not have.
> 4. Holger Krekel [4] - Holger provided the infrastructure for PyPy
>    during it's early days. I know him mostly through his work on py.test
>    (my testing tool of choice). I've spoken to him about various things
>    over email and in person and have a lot of respect for his ideas.
>    A presentation from him about testing technologies in Python or about
>    his experiences as an open source consultant based on the toolkit he
>    maintains would be good.
> 5. Zed Shaw [5] - This is probably atleast a little controversial. I
>    actually invited Zed to be the keynote speaker for an earlier event
>    (don't remember when) and he had just changed jobs so couldn't
>    come. I've spoken to him in person a number of times and listened to
>    him in various private interviews and have a really high opinion
>    about his level headedness and points of view. His abrassive public
>    persona really shadows his actual self which is really great.
> I can think of a few more but I think we can get 2 people from this
> set. Also, I don't see the need to have 2 keynote slots with a separate
> list for each slot. I think we can just pool these folks together and
> then discuss amongst ourselves and then invite two of them.
> Opinions?
> +1 for Armin and Alex. We can also consider Daniel Lindsley (
https://github.com/toastdriven). He is the author of django-tastypie.

> [...]
> Footnotes:
> [1]  https://twitter.com/audreyr
> [2]  https://twitter.com/mitsuhiko
> [3]  https://twitter.com/alex_gaynor
> [4]  https://twitter.com/hpk42
> [5]  https://twitter.com/zedshaw
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