[Inpycon] Apologies (was: Keynote speaker for PyCon India 2015)

Noufal Ibrahim KV noufal at nibrahim.net.in
Sat Apr 18 22:57:02 CEST 2015

I just re read what I wrote and it's pretty obvious now to me that I was
being stupid and my arguments were derogatory.  I think I got
overzealous in my arguments and didn't think them out clearly.

I'd like to apologise publicly on the list for the extremely ill placed
comments that I put out.

On Sat, Apr 18 2015, Noufal Ibrahim KV wrote:

> On Sat, Apr 18 2015, vijay kumar wrote:
> [...]
>> If he is ready to come down and cost is been managed. why not him ?  
> Because I'm looking at it like a customer. From a purely "profit"
> perspective. If I spend X amount of money and I can get (say) Armin or I
> can get Senthil, I'd pick Armin and I think the conference here would be
> the better for it. I'd wager that more people here would be interested
> in hearing Armin rather than Senthil speak.
>> I think better take it offline as we should not be discussing all this
>> publicly?
> Why?  None of this is to demean Senthil or his work.  It's not a
> personal attack to -1 a suggested keynote speaker. 
> My point is as follows.
> 1. The keynote speaker is an important part of the event and is used to
>    advertise it.
> 2. If we are going to spend money (regardless of how it's been managed)
>    to get a keynote speaker from abroad, we have a large pool to select
>    from starting from Guido. Senthil is not the first choice.
> 3. I don't think there's any rule carved in stone that we need an Indian
>    speaker and if there is, we should get someone from here rather than
>    someone from abroad.


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