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On Friday 14 August 2015 12:21 AM, Noufal Ibrahim KV wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 14 2015, vijay kumar wrote:
> [...]
>> He is holding it back so i can't do anything for it.
> [...]
> No he isn't.
> He's interested in moving the project forward.

1. Email discussions dont seem to be getting anywhere and IMHO seems to
me to be holding back this list on other things - at least it seems to
cause lot of energy dissipation with no concrete actions - which is
why I had suggested to park this thread for a while.

2. I dont think this can be solved by further discussions in this list.

3. This seems to have developed into an A vs B kind of hold-up which
is not good for the Python community in India. I am afraid it will
take away goodwill and focus from a lot of the great things we've
achieved together [1] .

4. As far as I can see, this discussion is centered vaguely on a
structured community (PSSI) initiative vs a loosely
structured/personal initiative and the conflicts therein. I am not
sure it is worthwhile to dig this pit deeper and find the solution in

My position on this is neutral for any side - from a personal point of
view. I would like the project to get a life forward but with we
agreeing on most issues so this kind of a stand-off doesnt occur in
the future.

We need to meet somewhere at a common point and take this forward - I
feel it is just a matter of sitting across a table and discussing it.

May I suggest setting up a meeting to solve this with the concerned
people - Anand C and PSSI members with issues - getting together and
flushing out the hairy issues. It would be a lot better than what
looks like - waste of time and energy - in this ML.

If this is agreeable, please take it forward as such.

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[1]: https://mail.python.org/pipermail/bangpypers/2015-August/011028.htm

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