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vijay kumar vnbang2003 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 14 21:03:52 CEST 2015

As I mentioned, I am interested in moving the PythonExpress initiative
> forward. I believe the community is interested as well. But what we
> find unhealthy here is the long discussion that is hindering any
> progress. That is why I am trying to convince you that Anand C taking
> the effort to move Python Express froward is more beneficial community
> than it being confined to this email thread.

Is my way or highway beneficial to community ?

> > PSSI has very simple process you know it better when you claimed your
> travel
> > grant.
> I would not agree the "process" I had to undergo was simple when
> applied to the context of PythonExpress. But explaining that is again
> simply going off in another direction.
> Also, regarding the following statement you made in your last reply to
> Noufal:
> >> He's interested in moving the project forward.
> > By claiming community project as personal project.
> If you look at the first email on this thread from Anand C
> (https://mail.python.org/pipermail/inpycon/2015-July/009947.html), the
> second option he mentioned is "Let Python Express evolve as
> independent community project".

> He started this new thread to sort out misunderstanding and he has
> made it clear he is interested in having it as an independent
> community project. I don't think he has claimed it has his personal
> project here.

Please read emails thread link I have shared link from pssi mailing list
where he has claimed it has personal project.

> If you are interested in the community's voice, then they have
> supported this option already. None of them have taken back their
> votes. So unless you have a personal agenda to overrule the
> community's vote,
it just look to me you have personal agenda that why you and few others are
not letting Anand C clarify from which he said he will come back.

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