[Inpycon] Volunteers required for PyCon India DevSprint 2015

chandan kumar chandankumar.093047 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 09:07:03 CEST 2015


PyCon India 2015 is organizing DevSprint on Oct 2nd, 2015 at NIMHANS
Convention Center, Bangalore (India) to bring pythonists at a place to hack
on several python Open Source Projects with the help of mentors.

We need 10-15 volunteers for the same.

Below is the roles:
1. Dedicated at-least 2 hours daily to promote Dev Sprint.
2. Needs to be active over email.
3. Needs to dedicate time in last week of the September on IRC during
mentor and participants meeting
4. Needs to be there on day of sprint 2nd October, 2015
5. Need to participate in weekly hangout meetings.

Note: It requires your dedication and time in order to make the devsprint
Please think before whether you are able to give time for this task or not,
then apply.

Here is the link to register for DevSprint volunteer :


Chandan Kumar
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