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> Hi All,
> It's PythonMonth time again! Please suggest on dates to organize
> PythonMonth this year.
> My proposed dates: Sept 8 - Oct 8 2017.

Co-ordinating PythonMonth is a huge task in itself as it involves reaching
> out to colleges, clarifying the queries colleges have, connecting college
> POCs and tutors, taking care of finding an alternate tutor if the tutor
> accepted drops the workshop due to certain reason and to handle any other
> unplanned situations.
> Challenge here is that large number of workshops conducted all over India
> at the same duration.
> I have been doing this from quite some time and last year we had few
> volunteers who took care of things very well but I think we need more
> helping hands to support more number of workshops.
> Please respond back if you are interested.
> Thanks for Volunteer who come forward to be co-ordinators. Will contact

As a starting point , we need more helping hands for below tasks

1) Poster or some sort of promotion material.
2) Certificate of participation design (We will do this only for
Pythonmonth on trail run).
3) Blogs.
4) Emails to connect to previous years tutors, college and volunteers.
5) More city based co-odrinator so  it easy to local tutor and college to
connect to them over phone.

*Last year during PythonMonth we conduct workshop in 80+ colleges ,This
Year let's push ourself to conduct workshop in 100+ colleges.*

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