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vijay kumar vnbang2003 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 4 11:16:32 EST 2017

I don't want to discuss about last year, since nothing was discussed in
mailing list and I was not aware of what exactly happened, how the
registration cost or venue was decided for that matter.
To give you a demograpics of PyCon India 2015, only 17% were students and
rest were professionals. Last 2 years, it was more of students. Just to
remind, Bangalore is an IT hub and a lot of professionals attend PyCon

And we never told that 3500 is the final cost neither did we say no for
student discount. We have just started the discussion for next year and we
have lot many things to think through before finalising. I would request
everybody here to give us time to work out everything together and not
conclude anything and debate.

Just a few pointers for PyCon India 2018. We are planning to get minimum 6
keynote speakers from outside India, adding few new things like Kids track,
startup rows, etc., also its a 3 day conference this year. Last year we had
regular ticket for Rs.*1500* for 2 days conference. Even going with last
year's price, to increase a day, we have to increase the cost by 750 which
is *2350*. I have no idea what we are debating here. Quality comes with

Am not comparing PyCon India with other conferences and increasing price. I
just gave that example to make people understand the logistics involved. I
have been with PyCon India from first year and I understand how things
work. We are working out all the factors involved to decide on things at
the same time keeping everybody informed on everything here in mailing list.

This is *10th YEAR* and we want to take PyCon India to next level. Request
everyone to give us time and space to plan things.

Also, to answer on the venue, we considered multiple venues which were
suggested in this thread as well. Most of the venues have only one big
conference room which does not fit our requirement. The bigger venues are
costing us more than BIEC. We have considered everything before concluding
on BIEC and all the pointers were already provided in this thread earlier.

Coming to the conference on weekdays, its a 5 day event - 3 days conference
and 2 days workshop/devsprint. Either we have to have the conference on
weekdays or workshops/devsprint on weekdays. We felt that having devsprint
on weekends make sense as we will have the keynote speakers available for
the devsprint and also for the workshops. Also, we are thinking to organise
devsprint in a college or a corporate for which only weekends works. We
would like to take this calculative risk this year to see how it works.

Hope I have answered all your queries and we will be given time to decide
and plan things instead of debating on something that is not concluded. We
are running short of time this year and just debating on things over back
and forth emails here is not helping. I request people to join the
volunteers meetup when it is being called to discuss and decide on things
faster. Am not discouraging people to discuss over mail, but request
everybody to study the 4-5 previous years data to understand better and not
just compare with the data from last 2 years where PyCon India did not
happen in Bangalore.
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