[Inpycon] Suggestion: Travel grant for Speakers

Kracekumar Ramaraj me at kracekumar.com
Tue Dec 5 01:13:44 EST 2017


Now that argument of quality of the conference has kicked it, I feel now is
the best time to start the discussion on ways to improve the quality of
tracks. I’m aware the debate, "how to improve the quality of the talks"
hasn’t started it’s own journey this year. At the same time, discussion on
budget, sponsorship, ticket cost are in full swing. So this suggestion
involves money, hence starting the thread now.

Assessing the quality of the track is tricky. It’s “highly” perspective. It
depends on participant level and conference level of tracks. Students,
practitioners, researchers, kids, old-time friends, and much more attend
PyCon every year. For a small percentage of the crowd, it's a ritual to
attend the conference. If the majority (say higher than 60%) of the
participants come to PyCon to learn something new then how can conference
keep up with the participants' expectation.

The current methods involve feedback loop on proposals, presentation
upload, suggesting speakers giving the talk to the local user group, record
the portion of the speech and ask for feedback etc.

On the other hand, previous PyCons had honorarium for workshop tutors. The
conference speakers never had a cash reward. Few PyCons offered gifts to
the speakers.

So far PyCon India never had taken care of all speakers travel cost. Women
speakers and Speakers who are studying can reimburse their travel cost.

It may be useful to consider reimbursing the travel cost of the speakers.
Also, it gives an incentive to attract the speakers who otherwise won’t
consider delivering a talk at the conference and many more values for the

Note: As the title says, it's a suggestion. If organizing team had a
different time frame in mind for the conversation, please mention so, and
continue the conversation later.

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