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Thu Dec 14 00:12:07 EST 2017

On Fri, Dec 1, 2017 at 9:09 PM, vijay kumar <vnbang2003 at gmail.com> wrote:

>  This involves two things.
>> 1. Low cost (definitely less than 50k. Preferable less than 25k). This
>> makes the barrier of entry low and there will be people who say "I don't
>> know if it's worth it but what the heck, let's try
>>    it anyway. It doesn't cost much."
>> 2. A tangible gain from coming. We cannot piss off the high paying
>> sponsors who will have booth and other things at the event. However, just
>> paying 10k or something and having a link on the website
>>    doesn't do much. A startup row which will be active from (say) 14:00
>> to 17:00 on the first day where the startups can all be in one room with a
>> row of tables. They can pitch their wares, organise
>>    little contests or whatever during that time. It won't be exclusive
>> but will be along with other talks.
> There seems to be a little confusion here. We are planning to have 3 slabs
> for startups as below.
> Associate sponsors : 1L
> Associate sponsors : 50% discount for startups for which we are working on
> the criteria
> Start up row : Free for shortlisted startups to showcase their products.
> Need to work on the criteria for this as well and I will be starting a
> thread for this soon.
> IMO, reducing the cost to 25K might help get more startups to sponsor
> PyCon. But providing a space for all the startups to organize like a job
> fair might hurt other high paying sponsors. We should also keep in mind the
> space availability at the venue. If we promise a space for stratups as
> mentioned and the number of startups who sponsor us go high we might end up
> having space crunch; looking for a bigger halls will cost us more which we
> cannot afford unless we get more than 40 sponsors.

So far, the associate sponsors did not get any physical space at the venue.
If we are planning to change that and the constraint of physical space is
what stopping us from reducing the price, then shall we a reduced price for
people who want to sponsor but don't need a physical space?

IMHO, keeping the associate sponsor slab at 25K without any physical space
and having an additional charge of 10K or so to join the job fair. The job
fair will have limited seats and first come first serve. That would make
sure we attract more startups to PyCon India without any space constraints.

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