[Inpycon] Workshop Ticket Clarification

Vijay Kumar vijaykumar at bravegnu.org
Sat Aug 3 10:30:30 EDT 2019

Hi Everyone,
Here is some clarification with respect to workshops, for people who are 
new to PyCon India.

Each workshop is 2.5 hours duration. There are a total of 6
parallel tracks, with two workshops in each track, one in the morning
and one in the afternoon. You can attend a maximum of two workshops,
morning and afternoon.

## Attending Multiple Workshops

The ticketing platform is designed to allow booking of only one
morning ticket and one afternoon ticket. But if you are booking
tickets in two separate purchases, ensure that you are not booking two
workshops in the same session i.e. two morning or two afternoon.

## Attending Workshops and Devsprints

It might be possible to attend *one* workshop and the devsprints. If
you book two workshops, you will be able to attend the devsprints only
on the second day.

These have now been added to the blog announcement at 


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