[Inpycon] Workshop Ticket Clarification

MANAV GARG garg.manav8 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 4 02:54:19 EDT 2019

> Can we have a feature of ONE CONFERENCE - ONE TICKET Thing, or I mean 1 QR
> Code for Everything..?

I think there are some use cases that we should consider.

Unlike you, many people take part only in conference or only in dev sprint.
Moreover, they don't buy all their tickets at the same time.

So if I buy conference ticket at first (generates one QR) and then buy dev
sprint ticket (generates another updated QR), wouldn't the total number of
QRs generated be the same?

And then what if someone tries to transfer their tickets.

I guess, segregated tickets provide a better way for managing from their

Manav Garg
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