[Inpycon] [SPAM] Re: Reviving Python Express

Vijay Kumar vijaykumar at bravegnu.org
Wed Aug 14 00:38:25 EDT 2019

On Thu, August 8, 2019 12:40 am, satyakam goswami wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 8, 2019 at 12:14 AM Deepak sharma <sharma1725 at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> I recommend going with Google Domains. Why?
>> Fixed 840/- Every Year for dot coms. Even less for others.
> Bought the pythonexpress.org domain from Google domains and pointed it
> to ( our  server)
> @vignesh <vignesh.sarma at gmail.com> can you make changes on the server to
> make it work ?

Vignesh has completed the changes to magudi, so that Python Express is
accessible from the new domain.

We need to work on making the required changes to wye so that it works
from the new domain. For example OAuth does not currently work, due to the
domain change. Any takers for this?


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