[Inpycon] School Students @ PyCon India

Vijay Kumar vijaykumar at bravegnu.org
Wed Aug 21 02:59:13 EDT 2019

Hi Everyone,
With Python increasingly being adopted by schools, school student and 
teachers are becoming part of the already diverse Python user community.

There are many schools, that need support to help students learn the 
language. We hope this will be addressed by workshops for school 
students and teachers, through our Python Express platform. Atul is 
leading the effort in this direction.

At the other end of the spectrum are kids who have leveraged available 
resources, and have developed a passion towards the language and the 
open source ecosystem around it. Many of them have also built their own 
projects using Python and related tools. We would like to encourage 
these kids and provide them space at the conference to present their 
work as well. We hope the poster presentation will be a nice way to 
interact with these kids, and to learn and get inspired from them.

If you are are aware of such kids, please encourage them to submit a 
poster to PyCon India at https://in.pycon.org/cfp/posters-2019/proposals/


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