[Inpycon] Announcing GUVI as our Silver Sponsor

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Fri Sep 20 02:31:26 EDT 2019

Hi Everyone

We are happy to introduce our Silver sponsor GUVI!

GUVI, an IIT Madras-incubated company, is an online technical learning 
platform that has been started as YouTube Channel by Ex-Paypalians to 
share their technical learnings. It is working to make engineers 
employable by making difference in the way they are learning. It is an 
integrated Edu-Tech Platform for learning, through technical video 
courses, technology Skills like Python, Machine Learning and Java in 
vernacular languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi and Bengali, 
among others. Other courses include Android, Python, Java, C, C++, 
Machine Learning, Big Data, MongoDB in vernacular languages through 
content created by working professionals. GUVI videos have been watched 
by 1 Million people across the globe which motivated founders to start 
this as a company. Now, it is changing the way the world learns and 
bridging the gap between Industry and Academia. It provides personalized 
learning and Interactive experience for learning through gamification 
mechanics and bite-sized videos.

Website Link: https://www.guvi.in

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