[Inpycon] Announcing Episource as our Silver Sponsor

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Hi Everyone

We are happy to introduce our Silver sponsor Episource!

Episource has devoted more than a decade in building solutions for risk 
adjustment to measure
healthcare outcomes. As one of the leading companies in healthcare, we 
have helped numerous
clients optimize their medical records, data, analytics to enable better 
documentation of care for
patients with chronic diseases.

The backbone of our consistent success has been our obsession with data 
and technology. At
Episource, all of our strategic initiatives start with the question - 
how can data be “deployed”?
Our analytics platforms and datalakes ingest huge quantities of data 
daily, to help our clients
deliver services. We have also built our own machine learning and NLP 
platform to infuse added
productivity and efficiency into our workflow. Combined, these build a 
foundation of tools and
practices used by quantitative staff across the company.

What’s our poison you ask? We work with most of the popular frameworks 
and technologies like
Spark, Airflow, Ansible, Terraform, Docker, ELK. For machine learning 
and NLP, we are big fans of
keras, spacy, scikit-learn, pandas and numpy. AWS and serverless 
platforms help us stitch these
together to stay ahead of the curve.

We are always hiring strong talent who believe in the vision to use 
technology to make an impact.
If our work and philosophy seems interesting to you, do drop us a note 
to hr at episource.com <mailto:hr at episource.com> to
start a conversation today !

Website Link: https://www.episource.com/

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