[Inpycon] [PyCon India 2020] CFP & Review Workgroup weekly call MoM

Kumar Anirudha anirudhastark at gmail.com
Sat Aug 8 01:53:59 EDT 2020

Hi all,

This is the Minutes of Meeting(MoM) of the CFP and Review Team weekly call.

Numbers Update (as of August 7)
Total Talk submissions: 123
Total Workshop submissions: 21

- Total 12 reviewers added. Total count 33. Awaiting response from 13.
- 112/123 are reviewed for stage 1. Total 21 proposals are complete
based on review criteria.
- Final criteria to be prepared for external review. Will be done this
Saturday (Aug 8)
- External review to be started by Monday (August 10)

[Other Updates]
- A new field has been added for filtering First Time Speakers. This
is to help boost new speakers through an extra helping hand from our
mentorship workgroup.
- Content URLs are now optionally private. If you do not wish to make
your slides public and only visible to reviewers, that's a welcome
addition thanks to our technology workgroup.

Agenda: (Next Week Tasks)
- [CFP] To get more speakers for talks and workshops both.
- [CFP] Focus on diversity.
- [Review] To get more reviewers.

Ask from the Python Community of India:
- If you wish to submit a proposal, this is the last week to do so.
Please submit your talk or workshop proposal here[2].
- We need outreach to diverse communities. If you can help out
regarding that, please feel free to drop a mail at cfp at in.pycon.org or
ping us on Zulip[2] on 2020/discussion stream.
- Please share about PyCon India on your network, company or
communities that you're part of. If you're posting on social channels,
please use #PyConIndia2020 alongside.
- If you wish to become a reviewer and help filter talks for final
schedule preparation, please reach out to Ritesh.

Apart from what's mentioned above, if there's any queries or feedback,
please feel free to reach out.

Kumar Anirudha & Ritesh Agrawal
Team PyCon India 2020

[1]: http://bit.ly/cfp-pyconindia20
[2]: https://pyconindia.zulipchat.com/

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