[Inpycon] PyCon India Content Workgroup Update

Vipul Gupta vipulgupta2048 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 8 07:58:26 EDT 2020

Hello folks,

Content is the backbone of PyCon India 2020, and for that reason, our team
is pushing new boundaries for interacting with audiences on every available
platform through blogs, social media, messaging platforms, websites and
most of all on the PyCon India mailing list (and other community mailing

Apart from supporting other teams with better, more inclusive content. The
primary focus of the team has been to create new content on the improved
PyCon India blog for helping folks have a better experience before, during,
and after PyCon India 2020. In that direction, we have been working on,



   Writing a proposal for the first time? Our Mentorship team is here to
   help [1]

   Tips on writing a kickass workshop proposal for PyCon India [2]

   Calling all Pythonistas in the world, Call for Proposals for PyCon India
   2020 is now open! [3]



   Wanna help make PyCon India even more amazing? Join the team! [4]

   Bringing PyCon India to a wider audience with your help [5]

Experience (In Pipeline)


   Attending the PyCon India 2020 virtually, here’s what to expect and how
   to make the most of it

   Reaching out to attendees, speakers, keynote, communities, and sponsors
   for their previous PyCon India experience. Feedback, advice for 2020, and
   going ahead. (3 part series)

Moreover, the team and I have implemented several features to PyCon India’s
blog to improve the blog’s UI/UX, performance, deployment, and numerous
features to improve contributions for the years to come. We have worked
towards making it easy for folks to write content even if they don’t have
the programming experience and are in the process of documenting a brand
voice and style guide. Documents that are critical in any content pipeline.
We have a lot more in store in the weeks coming ahead and as always, happy
to answer more questions and take in new suggestions.


[1] https://in.pycon.org/blog/2020/announce-pycon-india-mentorship.html

[2] https://in.pycon.org/blog/2020/2020-workshop-cfp-announcement.html

[3] https://in.pycon.org/blog/2020/2020-call-for-proposals-announcement.html

[4] https://in.pycon.org/blog/2020/2020-call-for-volunteers.html

[5] https://in.pycon.org/blog/2020/2020-outreach-partners.html


Vipul Gupta and Nikhil Maan

PyCon India Content Workgroup
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