[Inpycon] [PyCon India 2020] Promotion Workgroup Updates

ABHISHEK MISHRA abhi.mishra922 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 10 03:40:40 EDT 2020

Hello Folks,

This is the update of promotion workgroup:

- We have been following with at least 2 social media posts per week
so we can have a decent set of audiences before we roll out any major
announcements like tickets.
- We also cross-post announcements to other meetup groups, mailing
lists, and other python groups so that our CFP has a diverse set of
- Following are the social media statistics:

    -  Last 28 Days update for twitter till 9 August:
         Tweets: 32 (increase)113.3%
         Tweet impressions:120K (increase) 28.6%
         Profile visits:2,190 (decrease) 20.0%
         Mentions:96 (decrease) 28.4%
         Followers: 9,168 (increase) 108

   -  Last 30 days update for LinkedIn till 9 August:
         Unique visitors: 269 (increase) 21%
         New followers:  507 (increase) 26%
         Post impressions: 27.2K (increase) 63%
         Custom Button Clicks: 45 (increase) 21%

  -  Last 28 days update for FB page till 8 Aug:
         Post reach every day: 2678 (decrease) 1.4k
         Post engagement every day: 302 (decrease) 312
         New post likes: 76 (increase) 44

Agenda: (Next Week Tasks)
- Finish the CFP countdown
- Post for Tickets coming soon
- Reach other meetup community organizers to post about ticket sales

Ask from the Python Community of India:
- Please share about PyCon India on your network, company, or
communities that you're part of.
- Like/Retweet the posts for PyCon India handle [1] [2] [3] so that
conference has a wider reach of the audience.

Apart from what's mentioned above, if there are any queries or feedback,
please feel free to reach out to us. [4]

Best Regards,
On behalf of the promotion team
Team PyCon India 2020

[1]: https://twitter.com/pyconindia
[2]: https://www.facebook.com/PyConIndia/
[3]: https://www.linkedin.com/company/pyconindia/
[4]: https://pyconindia.zulipchat.com/#narrow/stream/236702-wg.2Fpromotion
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