[Ipss] membership

Kenneth Gonsalves lawgon at thenilgiris.com
Mon Jul 26 08:45:14 CEST 2010


now that the bank account is through it is time to get members - this is not 
the primary aim for the society, but we would need at least 50 members to 
achieve critical mass and pay for the working of the society. Anand had asked 
psf for an '.in' subdomain, but they said they do not give national subdomains 
as a matter of policy, so I have booked the ipss.org.in domain.

according to the byelaws, there are various categories of members, and they 
have to fill in a form, pay an application fee and the committee has to approve 
the application and then they pay the membership subscription. I suggest 
having the form online, when they fill it in they are put on the pending 
members list - committee members are notified and they can approve, disapprove 
online - maybe a weeks time to be given, then the person is notified and he can 
pay the application fee plus subscription and is then put on the members list. 
The members list will show name, occupation and city. If anyone wants the full 
list with addresses, he is entitled to it provided that he visits the 
registered office in office hours, fills in an application form in triplicate and 
pays the requisite fee. 

the list of members and pending members will only be viewable by logged in 
users and the full details only by committee members. There will also be a 
static page for download of society documents. At present resolutions are on 
the wiki - they can remain there for the time being. Now we need a few 
committee members who are not actively involved in the conference organisation 
to volunteer to screen and approve of applications. I am available, and if we 
have a few more people we can do this without disturbing the work for the 


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