[Ipss] voting for members

Kenneth Gonsalves lawgon at gmail.com
Sat Feb 19 07:13:31 CET 2011


currently votes are recorded on membership applications, but the vote is
secret ballot. This is not correct. The names of the committee members
should be shown along with their vote. Anyway only committee members can
view this. Before anyone makes a big noise about this I wish to clarify
procedure in a normal society:

1. Application filed
2. Application scrutinised and clarifications obtained
3. If not rejected, applicant interviewed by screening committee
4. Committee votes (this is done in person usually)

Also currently an application is deemed to be rejected if it does not
get 3 votes within 30 days. I want to change this so that after 30 days
the applicant is given a notice asking for more and better details as
the committee has been unable to decide his suitability on the basis of
details submitted. People who have been rejected due to negative votes
will of course be informed. They have a right to sue us ;-)
Kenneth Gonsalves

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