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On Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 6:23 PM, Noufal Ibrahim <noufal at gmail.com> wrote:

> Anand Balachandran Pillai <abpillai at gmail.com> writes:
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> > 1. Sponsoring one person from India to US for
> > talking in US Pycons
> -1. I'm against this. The US PyCon provides financial aid for people who
> can't otherwise make it. I think we should think about this only when we
> have excess money lying in the bank.
> [...]
> > 2. Python community award in India - This is inspired by the PSF
> > Python community award. As the community here develops (and it has
> > developed since the first PyCon), we would invariably find local
> > heroes who are doing their bit for Python in India. I propose to
> > institute an annual community award for identifying and encouraging
> > such talent.
> -1. There are thorny issues of the voting committee, favouritism
> etc. which need to be dealt with if we decide to do this. If we're
> larger and have enough general members to vote etc., it might be okay
> but I still think we're too young. Most of the people who do the work in
> the "community" are part of the IPSS. The US organisation is able to do
> this because they've reached a critial mass and there are people outside
> them that deserve recognition.
> However, I think the IPSS needs to do more. Here are a few suggestions.
> 1. Organise 1 day Python hackathons or support local groups that do
>   it financially or otherwise. Promote and publicise such events.
> 2. Organise 1 day Python coding competitions and award prizes to
>   winners.
> 3. Organise public trainings for Python especially in colleges and in
>   public settings (for working people to attend).

These are good, actionable items.

However any such activity should ideally be sponsored. We dont want to
end up carrying the financial burden ourselves.

The idea of a single day co-branded "Python Hackathon" with willing
corporate or
institutional sponsors is appealing. Companies would like this if addressed
students since it provides them a ready to use recruitment pool.

Training is also a interesting idea, but the issue there might be to find
trainers who are willing to do this for free.

We might also want to look at promoting Python sprints like activities here,
but as Anand C said, motivation is the issue there, not the money.

I am summarizing the thoughts the came up in this discussion, worth pursuing

1. One day Python Hackathons for students, preferably co-branded and
2. Python trainings in colleges, co-branded preferably.
3. Organizing Python  sprints, aka PSF.

Let us continue the discussions. I dont think we have reached a critical
mass on any of these yet, but once we reach some amount of consensus,
we could have a f2f meeting of folks to form some kind of an action plan
on 1-2 of these.

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