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     Looking at the pace of things and our inaction personally mine too is
it wise to rethink on the Hasgeek proposal from last year ?


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> for discussion
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> I'd like to offer HasGeek's support to the IPSS for organizing PyCon India
> 2011. HasGeek Media LLP is my startup community service provider. We
> organize events around open technologies with the explicit intent of
> fostering communities and giving each individual the space in which to
> explore their abilities. We recently ran a series of events around HTML5
> and Android, in five cities including Pune and Bangalore.
> We recognize that PyCon India is owned and operated by IPSS. The
> conference will be organized by IPSS with support from HasGeek. Both
> organizations are entitled to raise funds for the conference and will keep
> the said funds for the conference, and if there is surplus, keep the said
> funds for future conferences. Funds raised by each organization will not be
> transferable between the organizations.
> As a Python-powered company, it will be our honour to be associated with
> PyCon India. HasGeek will enter into a legally binding contract with IPSS
> to ensure funds are handled appropriately, as befits the PyCon brand.
> Kiran
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