[IPython-dev] Problems with installation on Windows/Cygwin

Fernando Perez fperez at colorado.edu
Thu Jul 31 13:17:19 EDT 2003

Andrew Malcolmson wrote:
> A couple of installation problems on Windows 2k using the latest cvs and 
> Python 2.3 rc2:
> I've environment variables defined in Windows HOME=d:\andmalc\ HOMEDRIVE=E:
> Under Cygwin, $HOME translates to HOME=/home/andmalc/
> Problem #1 Installing under regular Windows works fine though, contrary to
> the docs, $HOME is ignored and the .ipython dir is installed to the root of
> $HOMEDRIVE.  I had to set IPYTHONDIR to my $HOME\.ipython to get Ipython
> look for the settings.
> Problem #2 Installing from Cygwin zsh, the installation script fails trying
> to use the following path to make the $HOME/.ipython dir:
> /home/andmalc/d:\andmalc\.ipython\
> Looks like it's using a path made from Cygwin/$HOME + Windows\HOME

I'll have to look into this, thanks for the report.  The problem is probably 
caused by my code mixing windows-specific code with unix-like code, because 
the cygwin/windows setup is confusing it.

Could you please tell me what sys.platform and os.name report in your setup? 
With that info, maybe I can fix things a bit better.

Thanks for the report.



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