[IPython-dev] RE: [Fwd: [IPython-user] re: Fwd: readline for Win32]

Gary Bishop gb at cs.unc.edu
Mon May 12 08:34:48 EDT 2003

Thanks Chris,

With that hint and some googling for building extensions with MinGW I 
found success. The problem as you correctly identified was I did not 
have a libpython22.a. The standard python distribution does not ship with one.

So, I downloaded lib2def.py and replaced python15 with python22 
everywhere (I can make a version of this script that does this 
automagically if one doesn't already exist). Then I:

python lib2def.py python22.lib python22.def
dlltool --dllname python22.dll --def python22.def --output-lib libpython22.a

Then over in the PyReadline/src folder I can now:

PATH=/c/MinGW/bin:$PATH make

I had to adjust the path because I have the cygwin stuff installed.

Thanks for your efforts on readline for windows.


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