[IPython-dev] IPython with Color on windows

Gary Bishop gb at cs.unc.edu
Fri May 23 16:58:17 EDT 2003

I *can* make color work on Windows with my Python port of GNU Readline 
but it will require changes to  IPython. Specifically, I need to get 
access to everything that IPython  prints before it goes out. I tried 
replacing sys.stdout with a "file  like" object but IPython doesn't 
want to play with that for reasons I  don't understand. Probably a bad 
idea for a shell to fool with that anyway.

So, if internally IPython had a function console_print or whatever,  
normally it would just print but the windows version could eat the  
escape codes (I've got that part written) and tell the Windows console  
to do the right thing.

I'm not real excited about color myself but am willing to do it while  
I'm bashing on things if folks are interested.


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