[IPython-dev] IPython bug?

Fernando Perez fperez at colorado.edu
Fri May 23 22:12:18 EDT 2003

Gary Bishop wrote:
>> Try removing '\' from the delimiters list to see what happens.  Some 
>> escaping might be necessary.  If this fixes it, we can always put a note
>> in for users.
> I tried that. Doesn't help. I don't think \ was in the set to begin with.

Bummer.  Without access to Windows, I'm a bit stumped then.  You might try to 
see if there is any difference here between ipython and a plain python shell 
using your readline stuff.

FWIW, if I type something similar in Linux, there's no problem.  So it _might_ 
be a readline issue, perhaps.

Sorry not to be of more use on this one, but it's hard without having access 
to a testing system myself.  As you are quickly realizing, you'll be the one 
doing the heavy lifting on Win-specific stuff, not me :)



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