[IPython-dev] replacement for deep_reload.py

Fernando Perez fperez at colorado.edu
Wed Oct 1 15:44:31 EDT 2003

Ralf Schmitt wrote:
> Hi,
> I've just hacked my own version of deep_reload.py.
> It works by replacing sys.modules with an empty hash and installing
> it's __builtin__.__import__, which just calls __builtin__.reload and the old
> __builtin__.__import__.
> The only problem I've discovered so far, is that dreload(os)
> doesn't work (dreload(some module which imports os) however does work).
> I've tested it with python 2.3.1 and IPython from cvs.
> The code is very simple, so maybe you can save yourself some headache :)
> I'll use that version in the next few days, and will report on other 
> problems I found..
> - Ralf

Great!  Many thanks for this.  Please give it a bit more pounding, and I'd 
encourage other users of dreload to also try it out.  The code is definitely 
far simpler than the original dreload, but since I don't understand that code 
too well, I'd like to tiptoe a bit on this issue.  If it survives a bit of 
pounding and discussion, I'll definitely be glad to put it in.

Obviously, I'll also test it myself and think about it a bit.



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