[IPython-dev] Re: ipython improvements

Fernando Perez fperez at colorado.edu
Wed Oct 1 18:09:19 EDT 2003

Jeffery D. Collins wrote:
>>Please also take a look at the new_design document, which is where I try 
>>to keep notes on this whole problem so everyone has access to them.  I 
>>may even port this thread back to that document later.
> Where can I find this document?  SF (seems to be down at the moment)?

It's a pdf called new_design.pdf included with every distribution of ipython, 
in the doc/ directory.  So regardless of how you got ipyton (rpm, .tar.gz, 
CVS, etc) you should have that file already.  It gets put in the same 
directory as the manual.  Let me know if you have any problem with this.

And by the way, I don't use SF :)  Ipython is all hosted (including CVS) at 



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