[IPython-dev] minor ipython.el news

Alexander Schmolck a.schmolck at gmx.net
Thu Apr 29 15:53:02 EDT 2004


After promising to look into the problems with CVS python-mode and my original
patch, I've lapsed into long silence -- sorry about that but I've first
discovered that I couldn't quickly determine the problem and then I
unfortunately fell ill for several weeks and have been really busy ever since
(so unless someone else has the time to work out how the new python.el screws
up C- -, don't expect a new patch any time soon; the original one I submitted
unfortunately didn't receive any attention and since the old python.el works
OK for me, I don't really have some spare hours to sacrifice for writing a
patch that might be ignored again; also other than breaking py-up-exception
etc. there seem to be no problems in applying the patch to the CVS

I have however recently discovered in an email exchange with a ipytho/emacs
user that the version of ipython.el in ipython-emacs.tgz is older than the one
I use myself (I've made some slight improvements to the traceback regexp and
added some dirtrack stuff, which might actually be redundant).

Anyway, here is the newest version:

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BTW, I think it would be nice if ipython's traceback output would be a bit
more uniform, i.e. always match this (or some other emacs-regexp) pattern:

 \(^[^\t ].+?\.py\).*\n   +[0-9]+[^\00]*?\n-+> \([0-9]+\) +

Syntax errors for example currently produce output that doesn't match the
abovee, so it's not possible to automatically jump to the right line in the
source code (and emacs regexp limitations + the way traceback parsing is
hardcoded in python-mode.el make it impossible to handle them seperately).


P.S: There has been some effort in supplying shell like functionality to
ipython of late (not a bad idea in principle, I think, the fact that python
doesn't have syntax extension facilities is severely limiting here) -- one
thing that really often annoys me is the behavior of @run (which not only does
not perform any shell like globbing, but also doesn't seem to allow actually
passing parameters with spaces in them since there is no quoting or escaping
mechanism as far as I'm aware). Are there any plans to add globbing and
quoting or is there already an easy way to get the equivalent of

> ./script.py --title 'some title'

using @run?

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