[IPython-dev] Tab-completion of data/properties and win32com fix for IPython

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Tue Aug 3 00:20:05 EDT 2004

Jaco Schieke wrote:

> (Patch follows at the end of email)

I have some questions about this.  I'll also make some general comments about 
patches in a separate mail, please heed them for the future.

Since I may keep FlexCompleter around, I want to clarify a few things about 
your patch.

>>        def list2dict(l):
>>            ret={}
>>            for i in l:
>>	        ret[i] = None
>>            return ret
> 185a191,194
>>        matches_dict = {}
>>        matches_dict.update(list2dict(matches))
>>        matches = matches_dict.keys()
>>        matches.sort()

What exactly is all of this for?  If you want to return the matches sorted, a 


before returning will do just fine, no?  Maybe I'm just tired now, but the 
list2dict contortions seem unnecessary to me.

Besides, I think readline sorts itself always, since I always see the proposed 
completions come out sorted.  Could you clarify exactly what this is doing? 
As far as I can tell, all of it is completely unnecessary.

> 188a198
> 192a203,208
>>    try:
>>        ret=ret+klass._prop_map_get_.keys()
>>        ret=ret+klass._prop_map_put_.keys()
>>        pass
>>    except AttributeError:
>>        pass

This could be acceptable, I imagine, for the benefit of win32 users.  But not 
in this form: all Win-specific code should be isolated at definition time, I 
have no intention of making Unix users pay at runtime for windows-only stuff. 
  So you'd need to write instead something like:

def get_class_members():
     --- current code ---

if on_windows:
   # redefine with win-specific hacks
   def get_class_members():
       --- your windows code ---

or something similar.  Be mindful of the details about cygwin vs non-cygwin 
environments when writing windows-specific code, please.  Also make sure you 
test it very well, since I can't test it myself.



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