[IPython-dev] Tab-completion of data/properties and win32com fix for IPython

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Tue Aug 3 20:07:26 EDT 2004

Hi Jaco,

Jaco Schieke wrote:

> Some clarifications:
> 1. The dictionary hack is simply to keep "matches" unique.  It took me a 
> while to realize this, but pyreadline actually expects an unique array 
> (see lib\site-packages\readline\pyreadline.py(788): if r and r not in 
> completions:), otherwise it stops reading from the matches returned and 
> simply exits.  This is not win32 specific and should be a usefull 
> addition should be incorporated into rlcompleter.py.  An easy way to 
> test this is to add matches.sort() just before you return matches in 
> FlexCompleter.py.  Then try [].<tab> ... the results are disappointing.  

Mmh, I just tried this and I don't see any problem at all, at least not under 
Unix.  If this is something which is needed by pyreadline, then that's where 
the patch should be directed.  But I've never seen Unix readline needing any 
of this, so I don't want to add unnecessary functionality.

Sorry, but until you can show me a case where the Unix readline has problems 
with this setup, I'd rather not include this patch (and I suspect a similar 
answer may come from the rlcompleter crowd).  Obviously if you do have a usage 
case which shows how this is necessary on all platforms, then I'll gladly 
include it (and eventually it should work its way towards rlcompleter, where 
it probably really belongs; after all, FlexCompleter shouldn't even exist if 
rlcompleter had all we want).

But if the patch belongs in pyreadline (win32), then that's where it should 
go, not in ipython.

> 2. I've rewritten the function to check for sys.platform and only run 
> win32 hacks if on the right platform - patch follows..

This looks fine.  I'll wait until we settle the whole thing before applying 
the patch: if it's only going to be the win32 stuff, then I might ask you to 
resend me a standalone one so I don't accidentally mess things up applying and 
removing unneeded parts.

Also, please heed my comments about patches which I sent yesterday; your patch 
from yesterday had hard tabs, and I really prefer attachments created with -u.

Thanks for your efforts, this will eventually go into 0.6.3



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