[IPython-dev] Tab-completion of data/properties and win32com fix for IPython

Jaco Schieke ipython at ml.schieke.net
Thu Aug 5 18:23:03 EDT 2004

Fernando Perez wrote:

> Jaco Schieke wrote:
>> OK.  I need to convince you guys (any myself) first that there is a 
>> problem though. Here is the patch for a proof of concept... I think 
>> my previous description of the POC may have been ambiguous, as the 
>> change could have been implemted in more than one place in 
>> FlexCompleter.py.  Having applied this to FlexCompleter.py (or even 
>> rlcompleter.py at the right place with a vanilla python shell), 
>> things like sys.<tab> fail on my system (dont have access to a proper 
>> linux system to test.)  Please apply and verify.
> Works for me here (Linux).  After applying the matches.sort() patch:
You're right.  This is windows specific - due to the usage of 
pyreadline.  I'll rework the original COM patch for FlexCompleter.py (if 
you're still up for applying it) and see what Gary has to say on pyreadline.



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