[IPython-dev] readline suckage

Ville Vainio vivainio at kolumbus.fi
Thu Jul 1 14:08:36 EDT 2004

Fernando Perez wrote:

> Did you have a go at that bitchy readline thing with whitespaces?  It 
> pissed me off last night...

No, I figured the fix you implemented is good enough for now, and if the 
readline really expects the completions given by "complete()" to 
actually begin with the "text" argument (as the docs state), there is 
very little we can do about it for now. Perhaps the fix should be 
focused on the python implementation of readline, which is needed on 
windows anyway (and windows tend to suffer from space-ridden filenames 
more than *n*x anyway...).

However, gnu readline does support spaces in filenames (as evidenced by 
bash & friends). So perhaps the fix should be made to the python 
readline wrapper?

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