[IPython-dev] Another filename completion defect on win32 - parens

Ville Vainio vivainio at kolumbus.fi
Mon Jul 19 15:43:00 EDT 2004

It sucks to be the bearer of bad win32 news again ;-).

In the latest release candidate, completion of spaces works ok. 
Completion of parens, OTOH, doesn't.

@ursa[tmp]|261> mkdir "(123)foobar"
@ursa[tmp]|262> ls
(123)foobar\  (hi)ho\
@ursa[tmp]|263> cd (123)foobar\
   File "<console>", line 1
     cd (123)foobar\
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

@ursa[tmp]|264> mkdir foobar
@ursa[tmp]|265> cd foobar/

Note how the suggested completion for (123)foobar ends with the dreaded 
backslash. That should be forward slash, which works ok for plain 
"foobar" without parens, as can be seen from the example. cd'ing to the 
directory works with backslashes, and doesn't work without:

@ursa[tmp]|272> cd (123)foobar
   File "<console>", line 1
     cd (123)foobar
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

@ursa[tmp]|273> cd \(123\)foobar

It works with quotes too: cd "(123)foobar" is ok.

Typing "cd \(12" and pressing tabs results in a horror of chtulhuan 

cd \(/(123/

Interestingly, the following (quotes do not start the file name) works 
without a hitch:

@ursa[tmp]|281> mkdir barbar(123)
@ursa[tmp]|282> cd barbar(123)/

The completion esacping hack that was done to spaces should probably be 
done to parens too.

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