[IPython-dev] Another filename completion defect on win32 - parens

Ville Vainio vivainio at kolumbus.fi
Tue Jul 20 03:37:02 EDT 2004

Fernando Perez wrote:

>> The completion esacping hack that was done to spaces should probably 
>> be done to parens too.
> Good god!  I'm honestly not sure I have the stomach to write all the 
> necessary escaping code for correctly handling '()[] ' characters 
> uniformly in filenames, with completions.  I'll gladly accept a patch.
> I know this reply sucks, but I'm too swamped now with work and other 
> things, and I'd like to at least put officially 0.6.1 out, even if the 
> tab-completion is not perfect.  To be honest, filenames with such

I'll look into fixing it at some point. If it's not ready this week, it 
will probably make sense to just put out 0.6.1 and fix this later on.

> It might not be a bad idea to file your last email on the bug tracker 
> so we don't lose track of this in the future, if neither of us gets to 
> do it now.  I _do_ think it's important, I just can't do it now myself.

I'll file it if we can't fix it now :-).

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