[IPython-dev] Installers for current CVS (basically a release candidate). Testers, please?

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Tue Jun 8 20:20:56 EDT 2004

Hi all,

in http://ipython.scipy.org/dist/testing/ I've packaged the current CVS code as:

1. The usual .tgz
2. rpms tagged with the proper Python version
3. *** a proper windows executable installer! (thanks to Cory Dodt)

These now contain all the recent features properly documented, along with many 
fixes.  For those who missed the previous mail, the highlights are:

- windows color support is supposed to work out of the box (thanks to Gary Bishop)
- bash-like customizable prompts, and a new 'shell' profile included.  Yes, I 
now have 'pysh' as an alias to 'ipython -p shell' and I use it for on-the-fly 
system scripting (thanks to W.J. van der Laan).

I would greatly appreciate feedback from Windows users on whether (3) works or 
not, since I made it 'blindly' under Linux, and have no way to run it.  If it 
does, I'll stop shipping .zip files for Windows users and continue from now on 
with this executable installer.

If you update, you'll need to fix ALL your ipythonrc files to use, in your 
prompt_in2 strings, '\D' instead of '%n'.  Otherwise your prompts won't print 
properly.  Sorry about this, but trivial as it sounds, it is nearly impossible 
for me to keep compatibility with the old syntax while implementing the new, 
much more flexible prompt system.



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