[IPython-dev] Slow typing with windows readline?

Gary Bishop gb at cs.unc.edu
Thu Jun 10 13:16:37 EDT 2004

Thorsten reports really slow typing with my readline code. I've seen 
one other person reporting that.

Is that the experience of most? It flies for me. Looks just like typing 
at the command prompt or into python normally. I've used it on several 
computers always with great performance.

So, I'll need some help trying to track down what slows it down. I 
can't believe it is computing for all that time! 1 second is a billion 
instructions for these modern computers. Lets say you have a really 
only computer and it's only 100 million instructions, that is still one 
heck of a lot of computing for a single character. The code doesn't do 
much; it simply get the character and dispatches to a function.

Could it be some difference in the way folks have configured their 
console windows?

Any help appreciated.

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