[IPython-dev] Windows installer - Round II

Viktor Ransmayr viktor.ransmayr at t-online.de
Mon Jun 14 06:44:05 EDT 2004

Hi Fernando,

You wrote:

> Viktor Ransmayr wrote:
>>>> I've tried to build the windows-installer from source using 
>>>> "IPython-0.6.1.cvs.tar.gz".
>>>> Executing  "python setup.py bdist_wininst 
>>>> --install-script=ipython_win_post_install.py"
>>>> I get the following traceback:
> [snip]
>>> OK, I get it.  It's my mistake, I never thought the installer would 
>>> be _built_ under windows, so my setup.py is kind of hacked.  I'll 
>>> try to fix it and provide an updated one tomorrow.  Can you get CVS 
>>> code?
> Sorry for the delay.  I just committed a fixed setup.py which should 
> allow building the installer under Windows.  I can't test it, so I 
> hope I didn't screw up.
> Let me know how it goes.
Good and bad news.

Good news first: I can build the windows installer from the latest 
w/o problems.

Bad news: If I run the produced installer, I get the identical traceback as
previously reported.

### For the record, here's my work-log again:

2004-06-14 11:54:54

o Donloaded latest CVS-version of IPython into

2004-06-14 11:59:33

o Try to make a binary installer using the post-install script:
  "python setup.py bdist_wininst 
 - Everything seems fine, i.e. binary installer gets produced, no 
traceback get
   produced by the script. - Saved logfile as ipython_bdist_20040614.log.

2004-06-14 12:10:17

o Install the self-created IPython-0.6.1.cvs.win32.exe
 - Follow the instructions in "Upgrading from a previous version" and verify
   that the directory C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Viktor 
   doesn't exist.

o Installation failed w/ the following traceback:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "D:\Python23\Scripts\ipython_win_post_install.py", line 126, in ?
  File "D:\Python23\Scripts\ipython_win_post_install.py", line 86, in run
  File "D:\Python23\lib\shutil.py", line 100, in copytree
    names = os.listdir(src)
WindowsError: [Errno 3] Das System kann den angegebenen Pfad nicht 
finden: 'doc/*.*'
*** run_installscript: internal error 0xFFFFFFFF ***

2004-06-14 12:28:49

o De-Install Python-0.6.1.cvs
 - A similar traceback than above occured. Again it couldn't be copied, 
   I verified it line by line. - It is identical to the one above, 
beside the
   very last line "*** run_installscript: internal error 0xFFFFFFFF ***"
   which is missing.
 - De-installation succeeded partially, i.e. it removed the
   directory D:\Python23\Lib\site-packages\IPython\ but did not remove
   directory C:\Programme\IPython.
 - Delete the directories C:\Programme\IPython.

### End of work-log.

I'll try myself to dig deeper into this issue too, but don't hold your 
breath ...



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