[IPython-dev] Windows installer - Clarification

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Sun Jun 20 19:13:32 EDT 2004

Viktor Ransmayr wrote:

> Before I can start this discussion I need to make sure that I start w/ the
> right source-base, when I create the Windows Installer :-)
> Is my understanding correct, that as a packager I have to start w/
> a source distribution and *not* w/ a CVS snapshot if I stay solely in
> a Windows environment ?

No, you should be using CVS code always for development.  It's the closest 
thing in existence (and identical when I submit) to what's sitting on my 
computer.  The actual releases may lag by a lot with respect to what's in CVS.

A few more points, concerning development:

- Please make sure you follow my coding standard (which is the normal python 
one).  The only thing I really care about:

      *************   NO HARD TABS ANYWHERE IN THE FILE  **************

Use spaces for indenting, 4 spaces per level.  I've had bugs creep in from 
patches sent in which used tabs instead of spaces.  So now I scan all patches 
for tabs in them, and will outright reject any patch with a single tab in it. 
  Sorry but the potential for subtle bugs is just too high, it has already bit me.

- Please send unified diff patches for smoother integration, you can make them 
against CVS or against a local copy.  Here are some useful tutorials on 'best 
practices' for ensuring a smooth workflow:


It's ok to send patches as attachments instead of inline, just make sure you 
name them with a .diff extension so they load nicely highlighted into XEmacs 
right away for me to study them.

I don't want to sound patronizing, but I simply have no idea what your level 
of experience with collaborative code development is.  If you're already 
familiar with all of this, great.  If you are new to this kind of project, 
spending a little time reading these two tutorials will be a very good 
investment for the future.  We want to spend our time coding, not fighting 
diff and patch :)

Thanks again for your work.



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