[IPython-dev] Windows installer - Progress Report

Viktor Ransmayr viktor.ransmayr at t-online.de
Mon Jun 21 16:07:58 EDT 2004

Hello Fernando,

You wrote:

> This needs fixing: my old hacked one was able to create the proper 
> shortcuts, and that's ultimately our goal.  We want to get shortcuts 
> made _both_ by the graphic installer and by a manual 'python setup.py 
> install'.

I was just interested in getting *any* binary version working. - The 
'other excuse' was stated
in my previous mail: I'm missing the HTML- and PDF-Version of the 
documentation, when
working from a CVS-Snapshot on Windows.

> No surprise here.  Ipyhton is _not_ meant to run inside IDLE, at least 
> not yet.  Idle changes the environment way too much for ipython to run 
> correctly, among other things it mangles stdin/out/err.
I'm not sure about this. - The only reason, why I used IDLE was to 
'save/copy' the traceback;
 i.e. executing IPython from C:\Programme\IPython\IPython.py didn't work 
either ...

> Current CVS actually _kind of_ runs inside idle, but this is a total 
> hack. For proper testing, use IPython from a normal terminal, with 
> Gary's readline installed (I added to CVS code to complain --but not 
> crash-- if Gary's lib is missing).
> If you _also_ have cygwin, even better: it would be great if you could 
> test in both environments.

I don't use Cygwin, but I do have a working MinGW/MSYS 'environment' running
on my Win XP Laptop.

I'll keep you informed about the progress I make ...


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