[IPython-dev] Re: Re: rehash on Win*

Daniel 'Dang' Griffith pythondev-dang at lazytwinacres.net
Thu Jun 24 15:04:24 EDT 2004

   >  >
   >  > You can get the extensions from os.environ['pathext']:
   >  >
   >  > In [27]: import os
   >  > In [28]: print os.environ['pathext'].split(';')
   >  > ['.PYC', '.PY', '.COM', '.EXE', '.BAT', '.CMD', '.VBS', '.VBE', '.JS', '.JSE', '.WSF', '.WSH']
   >  >
   >  Thanks.  Right now this is a settable string by the user, should I instead use
   >  this $pathext variable?  Which is the more natural approach for Windows users?
   >    If $pathext is universal under windows, I could then leave the
   >  windows-specific code as:

I realized after I sent the above that I don't know if it works on Win9x.
I know it works on WinNt, Win2k and WinXp.  I don't know how much of
your user base that might affect.

I don't want to suggest too much, yet, as I've still not had a chance to
look at the rehash/alias Magic py file.  I know it doesn't seem to work
"as expected" (whatever that means) on my machine.  The 'echo' posted
earlier is not a good test on Windows, since 'echo' is a built-in, like 'dir',
and so isn't anywhere in the PATH.  (Well, it might be, if some has an
echo.exe or whatever, but it's ignored, because Win* processes built-ins
before searching the PATH.)

I'll try to get to the code tonight, but the weather's been nice for a few 
days, which means all of the yardwork I've been enjoying neglecting is 
now needing to be done.

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