[IPython-dev] Re: [IPython-user] pysh is in CVS

Daniel 'Dang' Griffith pythondev-dang at lazytwinacres.net
Mon Jun 28 09:56:38 EDT 2004

    Wow!  I had a minor problems because there some executables
in my path with the same names as some Windows built-ins (e.g.,
dir.exe, mkdir.exe, rmdir.exe).  After running rehashx, IPython was
running them, rather than the built-in.  I was unaware of their 
presence until this time; I deleted them, and life is good again.
    Great update!  I'll keep you posted if I see any strangenesses.
It's really cool to be able to run 'jar', to access zip files, without 
needing two windows open (an IPython and a command prompt).
What do you mean about builtin piping?  I ask, because "ls /s | more" 
works just fine.  And if I re-aliasing ls to ls.exe, "ls -R | less" works 
just fine as well.

   -------Original Message-------
   > From: Fernando Perez <Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu>
   > Subject: [IPython-user] pysh is in CVS
   > Sent: 26 Jun 2004 13:29:01
   >  Hi all,
   >  I've put all of pysh's functionality (including @rehashx for Windows, based on
   >  the $pathext environment variable) into CVS.  Testers and feedback would be
   >  most welcome.  In a few days if all looks OK I'll make tarballs for those
   >  unwilling to play with raw CVS.
   >  Rather than retype stuff, I'll paste below the pysh help docstring so you can
   >  get a feel for the functionality available.  Other than bugfixing, I don't
   >  plan on adding any significant features.
   >  Don't even ask for job control, builting piping, etc.
   >  To start pysh, simply type 'ipython -p pysh' (you may need to update your
   >  .ipython directory).
   >  The ipythonrc-pysh profile is very compact, and the associated pysh.py file is
   >  also now very lightweight to speedup loading.  The bulk of the code has been
   >  put into InterpreterExec, an internal IPython extension (in IPython/Extensions).
   >  Regards,
   >  f.

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