[IPython-dev] Magics, aliases, namespaces

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Tue Jun 29 10:57:23 EDT 2004

Ville Vainio wrote:

> Ah. Perhaps the magic_execute could just pass the reference to shell 
> environment then...

It's already setup like that.  In all magics, self.shell is a reference to the 
IPython shell, and that's what you should use.  But some of the original code 
doesn't use it, which is why I said that an easy but slow pass must be done 
over that code to clean those up.  I've been trying to at least not make the 
code worse over time, so all new code for a while has been written in this manner.

>>I saw that, thanks.  But I (Fernando Perez) wrote ipython, not 
>>Francois Pinard (though he has sent me useful ideas and comments in 
>>the past). :)
> Ouch. Two south-european names with same initials - you get the idea ;-)

I see: your hashing function has really bad collision properties :)



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