[IPython-dev] Code Indentation and Tab Completion

Andrea Riciputi ariciputi at pito.com
Wed Nov 10 03:38:31 EST 2004

under IPython the tab key is bounded to auto-completion so I think it's 
hard to bound it to indentation too and leave IPython to decide which 
function you want when you press that key. Perhaps you can make IPython 
aware of tab at the beginning of a line or something like that, but at 
that point you will end up with a key bounded to two different actions 
and I don't know if it is advisable. But Fernando can give us more 
insight in this.

At the moment I solve this problem by typing a space (instead of a tab) 
when I want to indent a code block.


On 10 Nov 2004, at 08:36, Donny Viszneki wrote:

> I'm using Mac OS X, and in every terminal I use, when I press tab to 
> indent for a block of code, iPython instead tries to tab complete, and 
> consequently asks me if I really want to see every possible tab 
> completion.
> What's the problem here? I have the source code so I was thinking 
> about taking a look. Does iPython use curses?
> Thanks in advance.

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