[IPython-dev] iPython, Mac OS X, Preview.app, and GraphViz

Donny Viszneki smirk at thebuicksix.com
Wed Nov 10 04:14:20 EST 2004

One of the best features of the python shell, and iPython, is the 
online help.

I was thinking, how hard would it be to create an alternate online help 
system that wrote a DOT (google for GraphViz) file showing 
hierarchically all the members (and their members, perhaps) of the 
object or class passed to this hypothetical help funciton.

With some more work, the DOT file could be converted into the first 
page of a PDF, and perhaps all the objects shown in the picture 
generated by GraphViz could act as "links" (I don't know what term is 
used in PDFs, but in many PDFs plenty of "links" are clickable just 
like an HTML document.) And these links could go to a page in the PDF 
with the ordinary printout of the online help.

This would be really useful for someone on Mac OS X. If anyone else is 
interested on working on something like this let me know.

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